Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dictionary: Snowblowing

Welcome to the new feature (well, they're all new features, aren't they?) on Sex with Ida Virgin: a sex dictionary!  Every week I'm going to take a lesser known sexual term and define it.  Suggestions are welcome, since I honestly have no clue which definition I'll be posting next :-)

I heard this week's term from the movie “Stepmom”.

Me and my cousin used to watch it all the time when we were little; it was definitely one of our favorite movies. There's a scene in which Julia Roberts is comforting her stepdaughter about being picked on by boys at school. She coaches Anna on what to say to the guy, mentioning the term “snowblowing” briefly in passing. The term is never explained in the movie, and it used to drive me and my cousin absolutely up the wall that we didn't know what it meant.

Now that I know, it's not such a big deal. Personally, I don't see the appeal...but to each their own, right? 

Snowblowing : When a person gives oral sex to a man until he ejaculates in his/her mouth. After ejaculation, the man and the person kiss, sharing the ejaculate between their mouths.

Another definition is when a man or a woman snorts cocaine off of a man's penis and then gives him oral sex.

This term is also called snowballing.

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