Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Film Review: Secretary

Continuing on in our Spanking Week, today's feature is a review of the 2002 movie Secretary, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader.  And of course, that's the movie trailer :-)

I love this movie.  The first time I watched it, I started it about 12:30 at night.  I only intended to watch a few minutes before I went to bed.  I ended up watching until I literally could not keep my eyes open anymore and fell asleep.  When I got up in the morning, I started it again from the beginning so I could make sure that I got the whole story :-)

Secretary is the story of Lee Holloway, a younger child from a dysfunctional family whose just been released from a mental institution.  As she tries to find her way in the world, she is able to take a job as a secretary in a lawyer's office -- the lawyer is Mr. Grey. 

Both of the main characters start the movie off as "weak", screwed up people, although sympathetic.  Lee is a cutter; Mr. Grey is a bit of an oddball who is revolted by his own sexual arousal at Lee's submissive behavior.

During the course of their working relationship, Lee and Mr. Grey begin a BDSM-esque sort of relationship.  It seems to be benefitting them both (and definitely Lee, as Mr. Grey is able to cure her of cutting herself) when Mr. Grey suddenly stops. Cold turkey. Through her unwavering love and submission, Lee is at length able to convince him that a 24x7 BDSM relationship is, in fact, for them, and the final scenes depict their married life. 

I've tried not to give too much content away, since I really believe you ought to rent the movie or look it up online and try it out for yourself.  In keeping with Spanking Week, there are several spanking scenes in it (and personally, I can relate to the one in which Lee tries to spank herself -- it just doesn't work!) that can turn you on :-)

I also have to say that I've noticed a few reviews in blogosphere that found it to be a bit offensive that the main characters were such flawed people.  The biggest part of that opinion seemed to be that it still implies that people who indulge in or need kink aren't normal, everyday folks.  My personal take on this is that if the movie had been made with "normal" people, it wouldn't have been as dramatic and probably wouldn't have been made.  It's a movie.... and on film many things seem to be exaggerated.  Plus, I like how it can show the healing power of kink -- because that certainly is part of the kinky dynamic that can be explored by many people with real problems. 

Happy viewing!

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