Monday, November 15, 2010

G Spots Unite!

Good afternoon, everyone!  Today launches the first day of G Spot week... do you know how little information there is out there on the topic?

Anyway, I wrote today's post as an essay for a Woman's Studies course I took a few years back and figured I'd share. It's not the most well written thing in the world (I think I spend maybe five minutes to type and print it right before class :-)  but maybe it will be amusing enough to give a smile to your day. 

* * *

My name is G Spot A34J92SK9048R.  G Spot, for short.  I have many sisters and cousins, spread out all over the globe -- we all abbreviate our name the same way: G Spot.  Sort of odd, isn't it?

We're all kind of odd, too.  We live inside women's bodies, right under the bladder and inside the vagina.  We really should change our name to G Curve; some of my cousins have already started to do that.  I decided not to -- tradition is a good thing, right?  Besides, I like my name because ´╗┐it means that everyone knows who I am. 

I get really pissed off sometimes though, because a lot of people don't believe that I exist.  Are they stupid?  I mean come on -- I'm talking to you right now. That's proof enough, isn't it?  I work really well in my woman's body.  Hehe.  I give her the most amazing pleasure when her man finds me.  He's pretty talented at that.  I hear my woman telling her man that the orgasms she gets when he touches me are the most amazing ones she ever has.

It's not always like that, though.  One of my cousins, G Spot, makes her woman really, really have to pee when her man touches her with his dick. Or his fingers, too, come to think of it.  Her woman doesn't like this at all because it always interrupts her time in bed with her boyfriend. Personally, I think that maybe the boyfriend needs to be experiment with the pressure he uses and the woman needs to just give it a shot and work through the sensations, but that's just me. 

I have another cousin, G Spot, whose woman can't feel her at all.  This cousin isn't very sensitive to touch.  The few times she is, though, her woman thinks it's a fluke and doesn't even realize that G Spot is working for her! It's kind of sad, actually. 

I really wish that more people would believe that we existed and try to find us. It gets very depressing; we all feel quite lonely. 

Will you help spread the word?
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