Saturday, November 27, 2010

11 Ways I Make Myself Feel Sexy

Tonight I'm going to a bar. 

I know, big deal, right?  Well.... it kinda is.  It will only be my second time in a bar, for starters, and the fact that I've a bit of an anxiety and shyness problem doesn't really help me at all. 

My solution?  Spend oodles of time today making myself feel absolutely beautiful, sensual, and sexy before I even hop in the car.  If I've spent all day making myself feel amazing, then that positive mindset will help me kick it into gear when it matters :-
)  So in no particular order, here's my list of the top things that I do when I need to make myself feel more sexy, confident, and alluring:

1.  I get enough sleep.  Or try to, at any rate.  Even though I sometimes have a bit of insomnia, I attempt eight hours of sleep as much as possible.  If I'm well rested, I feel better in nearly every situation. 

2. I heighten my senses.  Senses aren't only good for sexual situations... I try to focus in on small things such as the exact taste of my midday soup or the rich aroma of the beeswax I melt in a crockpot or the feel of the silverware in my hand as I wash my spoons and forks and put them to rest in their drawer. 

3. I exercise.  You know how those endorphins kick in when you have great sex? (Or some chocolate!) They kick in when you exercise, too.  Plus it helps you stay healthy and being healthy is definitely a turn on.  Personally the whole idea of exercising irritates me though and I normally stick to walking with my Ipod somewhere with nice scenery.

4. I pamper myself.  It's nice to take a candlelit bath, drink a little expensive wine, and have a few chocolates. I haven't managed to fall into a steady skin care regime, but when I'm going for decadent I always tie some oats up in a little cloth bag and wash my face (and the rest of me) with it.  The oatmeal is moisturizing and can be slightly exfoliating and leaves a fresh scent behind. 

5.  I enjoy being naked.  Why cover myself up when I can do simple things sans clothing?  Checking email and folding laundry doesn't require clothes on to do a good job.  When I'm naked, I feel more aware of myself and consciously in my body. 

6.  I say my affirmations.  On my mirror I've written "I am a sexy, smart, successful, confident, beautiful, magnificent woman" above the place where I usually stand and would see the reflection of my face.  Yes, it's cheesy, but it really does work.  Oh, and this is one that works great naked!

7. I dance.  Sometimes naked for this one, too ;-)  I know I could have included it in with the exercise, but dancing is just.... sensuality unleashed.  No one has to watch you.  Just move to the music and feel it entrancing your senses, ushering you along with it.  Belly dance music is really great at getting me into a sensual mood. 

8.  Speaking of moving, I walk confidently.  Being aware of your body really does help you to feel good about it.  Take note of your posture.  Are you slumped over? Work on sitting or standing up straight.  That one is definitely one that I'm working on.  Do your hips have a bit of a sexy sway when you walk?  If they don't, why not?  Maybe you need to slow your pace down so you can feel like you own the room. 

9.  I dress for it.  I put a lot of emphasis on my knickers (or lack thereof!) in this one ;-)  Occassionally I'll want to feel a bit of a tease and go without my panties.  Other times I'll want to wear the most gorgeous pair I own as my own little delicious secret under my clothing.  When I want to feel sexy, I don't wear anything baggy and loose -- properly fitted garments (preferably in a softer fabric with a bit of a feminine cut) make me feel beautiful here. 

10.  I do some kegels.  When women work their pelvic floor muscles, they are stimulating the female erectile tissue.  This can lead to easier and earlier arousal as well. 

11.  I think about sex.  If I want to feel sexy, it only makes sense that I would think about sex, right?  I might read an erotic story or play with myself -- or both.  If I'm able to reach orgasm before I have to go anywhere stressful, it has the added benefit of calming me down a bit :-) 

Those are my top eleven.  What do you do to make yourself feel sexy?

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Blogger Dioneo said...

I think these are all great things to do--everyday if possible. I like that you've included both the fundamentals (#1 and #3) and the "little things" that are (e.g. #5 and #11) that are so important for mindset.

BTW, I've been to bars a LOT more than twice and I still get a bit anxious. Clearly it depends on the establishment, but most of them seem stressful by design.

November 27, 2010 at 11:36 PM  
Blogger Ida Virgin said...

Thank you! I'm definitely trying to incorporate more of these into my day to day :-)

I'm glad I'm not weird for feeling so nervous about the bar scene! I had a bit of... extra reason to be nervous on Saturday, but I think I know how to fix some of my anxieties in the future and kind of ease myself into things :-)

November 30, 2010 at 10:01 PM  

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