Thursday, November 18, 2010

Showing Love in the Shower

Hey everyone!  Today's post is a guest post from my friend S.  Evidently he read yesterday's post and was inspired :-)  I hope you all enjoy; I'm sure he'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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Let’s all be honest, showers are quite possibly the most sensual things we do alone. Even if you’re just hopping in for a quick five-minute cleanup, you still feel a rush of sensual pleasure when the warm water hits your bare skin. How often has the pleasure of the warm water turned your idea of a five-minute utilitarian washing into a half-hour or more time of just standing there and letting the water run over you? It’s happened to me more times than I’d care to admit. There’s something very soothing about sticking your head under the water and placing your hands over your ears, only listening to the sound of the water rushing joyfully over your head. You’re reading this because it’s on a sex blog, so why keep such a sensual event to yourself? Why not take some extra time to make this already pleasurable time even more special for your partner?

A good shower for yourself and your partner, like good sex, needs to begin before you’ve got the water running. You need to know what exactly your partner does to clean him or herself in the shower, and what soaps or shampoos they use. You should make sure to have towels laid out for both of you, and candles can’t hurt either.

Once you’ve got all of the things you’ll need for the shower ready, the first step is to get rid of the clothing. Don’t just rip all of the clothing off and say “Ok, let’s go!”; you want to make this a more sensual and very memorable experience for your partner, and unless your partner is a quadriplegic, they can typically do that by themselves. Start slowly, deliberately, taking the time to massage and kiss every inch of the skin under each piece of clothing you remove. Make the undressing last longer than you thought possible, the longer the better, as taking longer (within reason of course) will result in building anticipation. After both of you are naked, do something your partner doesn’t expect: if you’re a man, pick her up and carry her to the shower, and if you’re a woman, tell him to close his eyes and trust you to lead him there.

The next important step is getting the water running at the proper temperature that you will both enjoy. The best way to do this is to start it running and get it warm but not hot. You can take some extra time while the water is running to massage your partner some more. Once the water is warm and you’re confident that it won’t get any warmer unless adjusted, help your partner into the shower (especially if their eyes are still closed, which in the interest of not getting soap in the eyes isn’t a bad idea). Ask them if they would like the water any warmer, and if so, adjust it SLOWLY until they say that the temperature is right.

Once you’re both in the shower with the water running, get whatever soap they usually use, and lather them up, massaging the lather into their skin as you do. You can invite them to let their hands wander over your body while you’re washing them. Make sure to be as careful when you’re lathering up your partner as you would be on yourself: take care around wounds and other sensitive areas. Tease them occasionally, but not too much; the sensation of this will be multiplied if they have their eyes closed. Wash every inch of their body, even areas you would normally shy from (feet are a big one that’s usually avoided by many couples because they’re dirty, but honestly, right now you’re in the shower using soap!), giving more care to their bodies than they would give to themselves.

When their body is clean, then it’s on to the hair. Take extra time to massage your partner’s shampoo into their scalp, as this area has more nerve endings than most other places on the body, and has the potential to feel amazing if you do it properly. Massage your partner’s head lightly, and take extra care around the temples, making sure the pressure you apply on them is nearly nonexistent. Also be careful with the hair; while running your fingers through your partner’s hair can be a pleasing experience for both of you, running your fingers through knots or tangles in their hair is anything but, and can ruin the mood quite quickly.

Now that your partner is quite clean, it’s time to hop out, right? Not quite! You haven’t been washed yet yourself! There are two major ways to accomplish this: you can either invite your partner to bathe you, or you can have them watch while you make a sensual show of doing it yourself. No matter how you accomplish it, you’re both clean and ready to get out of the shower. This is a good time to have your partner open their eyes, as wet things tend to be slippery and we don’t want them slipping and falling on their way out of the shower!

Drying is yet another chance to massage your partner and run your hands all over their body. Again, take your time with this part. Once you’ve dried yourselves off, your partner might just want to do some things with you that would make you both need another shower! Whether you use your shared shower as a type of foreplay or not, your partner will feel how much you care for them through it, and they will appreciate the care you’ve shown to them.

  • I didn’t mention this in the article itself because I would have had to retype it in every paragraph if I did. The single most important thing to remember is to communicate through the entire event, about what’s going on (this is a time for relaxation together, not a “so how was your day?” time). Ask your partner how what your doing feels, tell them how they look, describe to them the naughty things you want to do with them after they’re clean, etc. This doesn’t need to be constant chatter like you’re reading a book, but it shouldn’t be quiet either.
  • Use your imagination! You know your partner better than I do, and chances are you know of things that you could add or should subtract from your shower time to make them appreciate it more. This is a gift from you to them, not from me to them, so personalize it.
PS.  I'm not sure who to attribute the photo to.  If it's yours, and you want it taken down, let me know!

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